Six Atlas Innovation

An organization is only as healthy as the people who make it tick

Six Atlas aims to align the planet and each individual, society and business entity through enterprise innovation and create a sustainable equitable world. Using the Innovation360 framework and InnoSurvey® we assist in fact-based decision making and pattern recognition for mid-sized firms. We assess innovation capabilities that bridge science and business through AI, data driven analysis and insights from over 6000 organizations in over 60 countries. We have access to one of the largest databases of organisational capabilities available globally, allowing benchmarking against best in class innovators across all regions and industries. We identify and assess these capabilities to offer uniquely curated solutions and customized ideation to suit each firm's needs.

Our network consists of accredited consultants from all over the globe, from countries such as Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Brazil and Hong Kong. We understand that innovation is a basic survival skill in todays world and we strive to establish an adaptable innovation process and foster a culture of innovation for each client. Our community consists of 200 accredited consultants from 30 countries and includes Magnus Penker, Allan Ashok and Sofie Lindblom.

The IAR identifies and assesses 66 individual innovation capabilities through a system called InnoSurvey™ which is compliant with European Standard CEN16555: Part 7: 2015 Innovation Management Assessment (soon to be ISO 50502).