Laurel Lau

Laurel Lau is a co-creative expert and engaging facilitator with diverse experience gathered across 5 industries in 4 continents. With a love for people and numbers, our director has the ability to access talent capabilities and articulate complex topics. Laurel makes an excellent coach for business owners, executives and their operational and technical teams. She has a focus on developing and managing a data and analytics-driven process, to enhance prioritisation and strategic planning in its business. She heads the Australian division of a global network with expertise in impact investing, sustainability and innovation.


With an interest in the “future of work”, Laurel has an eye on the talent of today and tomorrow. She has coached hundreds of business owners on exploring workforce disrupters, talent management shifts, and people innovation opportunities. Her mission is to allow for the paradigm shifts required for multigenerational talent-diverse teams to succeed in building innovative sustainable product, services and businesses. 

Laurel has a yellow belt in Innovation360. She has a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing and Design Engineering and a Masters of Science in Computer Science at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She has done consulting and engineering work for Fortune 500 companies and holds multiple certifications in meditation and conscious thinking. She aims to build a six-city management consultancy firm to prepare companies for the young generation coming into workforce and contribute through innovation into our global village. Her goal is to build a talent-diverse socially responsible company that does not discriminate against gender, race, age and sexual orientation.

In her free time she volunteers to manage Melbourne Chapter of Startup Leadership Program. She spent her college years, working on design and sustainability projects including Tiny House and for organisations such as Design for America. She was record-breaker swimmer in city-wide competitions in Hong Kong and spent childhood training in Calligraphy.