Whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500, your organization’s ability to compete productively on the world stage is threatened by orthodox quantitative measurements that don’t take people into account. Your people can change your organization - and our planet - for the better. They just need to be helped to direct their talent most effectively to unlock opportunities and solve challenges for your business.

Sales Innovation

Through this program we cater to the three areas of the sales cycle: discovery, insight, and acceleration. We ensure that marketing, sales and IT are collaboratively using all available technology platform that suits their needs. 

We use appropriate technology and tools required to analyse engagement and traffic for your website and configure it to convert potential customers and visitors into clients. Through this data we track the entire sales process and fill in the gaps that prevent optimisation of your sales.

Open Innovation

This program will help facilitate open innovation by both helping companies clearly define the innovation challenges they are facing, as well as creating platforms on which these innovation challenges can be held. Using the Ideation360 methodology we will share with you, your firm is ensured of a long term impact and maintained innovation culture that will stimulate and encourage each employee of the firm to be creative and open to change.

TeamDynamiX Training

This training helps interdepartmental teams collaborate and communicate better by helping teams put down team identity ego and see from another’s perspective. This training helps understand different leadership styles better and how to adapt to them.

  1. Thorough understanding blockages to service, product delivery and the standstill points of the different teams.

  2. We uncover the consumer insights through consumer triggers and team leadership that has not been understood previously.

Singularity Sustainability program

The customer experience you provide is important because it gives marketers and business owners a way to increase satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. Research shows that 80% consumer would pay more for superior customer experience. Through this program get a comprehensive understanding of an innovation structure as the key to fulfill the UN 17 Sustainable goals and the benefit of implementing sustainability.

We also specialise in the below programs and services.